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Tessaract.io is an all in one cloud native practice management system built to equip professionals services firms with the tools of the future. With native Apple & Android Apps, we are built for mobility to empower professionals of the 21st Century. Eliminate the hassle of on-premise solutions and take advantage of cloud computing power for scalability.

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Tessaract.io offers a multi layered security programme to safeguard your data both on the user and server side along with our partners – AWS and Microsoft Azure. Enjoy multiple backup protection, maximum system uptime and access to your data.


Be always up to date with the latest technology. Get free software upgrades, new product features and improvements throughout the lifetime of your subscription.

Agility and Performance

Tessaract.io is built cloud native with a robust backend architecture for performance. With flexible storage options on our cloud servers, pay for what you need with the option to scale as your business grows.

Support and Training

Your success is our priority. Get access to our dedicated customer support team and helpdesk whenever you need. We will equip you with the tools and knowledge to navigate the system with ease.

Effective Implementation

Integrate your current organisational systems swiftly and painlessly with our systematic onboarding process with dedicated staff training and minimum downtime.

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Tito Isaac, Managing Partner, Tito Isaac & Co LLP

In today’s world, clients expect almost instant acknowledgement of any message. With seamless implementation onto Tessaract, we now have easy access to our database to take account of everything exchanged between the client and lawyer!

Sam Sim, Co-founder, Senior of Counsel, Taxise Asia LLC

With Tessaract as our Practice Management system, we were able to adjust flexibly to Covid-19 without a secretary or office manager. We could also do time tracking accurately, and the sync to our billing system and copier allowed our Finance team to do billings efficiently.

Tan Hsuan Boon, Partner, Wee Swee Teow LLP

As we constantly adapt to the needs of our clients, Tessaract helps us organise our data in a structured manner. Rather than spending time sorting through information, we can now easily identify what is relevant using keyword searches, supercharging our efficiency. 

Jacqueline Chua, Managing Director of Jacque Law

Upgrading to the cloud with Tessaract has allowed my team the ability to work remotely via the web interface and respond on the go with the mobile app! The software is very intuitive and easy to use. The ability to control access to sensitive cases was a definite plus, as was the excellent customer service and training in system onboarding and usage.

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