Save time with an integrated,
end-to-end digital signing workflow


Generate document

Fill your documents with customer and service data in just a few clicks.


Prepare fields

Add standard fields like signatures and dates, or create and save custom fields that can be easily applied onto the document.


Sign digitally

Simply sign with Singpass, upload your signature or digitally sign on screen.


Receive & save

Automatically receive and save signed documents securely on the cloud. All it takes is 2 minutes.

Sign your documents with Singpass

Receive digitally signed documents with the assurance of its authenticity and integrity. Signatures made using the “Sign with Singpass'' are regarded as secure, court-admissible electronic signatures under Singapore's Electronic Transactions Act. What’s more, you can extend these benefits to monitor cases, finances and more for a truly end-to-end management system that empowers your business and customers.

Total security

All signatures come with a certificate and timestamp, so you can verify the details. And you can also ensure author and document authenticity with verification by your national authority and accompanying document log. All your data is hosted in Singapore, and there is even an on-premise solution for enterprise users.

Improved efficiency

Create and manage documents and prepare them for signing without leaving Simply send your document to anyone with a valid email address, and once it is signed, save it on the Singpass Cloud or DMS system. The best part? You can do it all in just two minutes.

One tool, multiple benefits

Make the most of the following features

tessaract Generate, prepare, sign, and save in two minutes.
tessaract Sequence signatures in any order you want.
tessaract View the status of signatures.
tessaract Send documents to anyone with an email.
tessaract Store documents securely on Cloud or DMS.
tessaract Tightly integrated approval workflow for each step.
tessaract ISO 27001 certified.
Getting started with Tessaract Digital Signing couldn’t be easier

We offer different price packages so you can choose the option that best works for your business.

Pricing plans excludes setup and training costs

New users

Unlimited signing



per user monthly

Existing users

Unlimited Paid annually



per user monthly

Frequenty Asked Questions
How secure is Singpass?

Digital Signatures by Singpass are digitally hashed and logged, ensuring the signer’s authenticity.

Can signatures be verified?

Yes, you can ensure author and document authenticity with verification by Singpass.Each signature comes with an accompanying document log. All signatures also come with a certificate and timestamp.

Can workflows be adapted to my business?

Yes, the power is in your hands when you create and manage documents with Tessaract. Our low-code, user-friendly interface makes it easier than ever to create and set your own approval workflows so the entire process is adapted to the way you work.

Does Tessaract Digital Signature work on mobile?

Yes! You can prepare and send documents from your mobile device. Your signers can sign securely with their mobile devices as well.

How long does the document preparation and signing take?

You can create and manage documents, prepare, sign, and save in just two minutes. Yes really, Tessaract Digital Signing has been designed to maximise efficiency, so you complete the paperwork and get on with the rest of your job.


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