All-in-one, no code, cloud-based workflow management system, customisable for your accounting advisory firm


Grow clients through referrals

Be a strategic partner and advisor to your clients through the smart reporting module to customise analytics and reports from live data.


Ease workload compression

Reduce staff time and the need for temporary staffing through automating workflow and improving collaboration with clients.


Win over tech-savvy clients

Speak Tech – Automate processes, share data, review information and allow clients mobile access anywhere on the secure cloud system.


Trust through quality service

Set up an open line of communication with automated notifications and regular updates. Consistently understand and exceed your clients’ goals and expectations.

Why Tessaract?

tessaract Specifically developed for accounting firms.
tessaract Automates your routine work and removes manual data entry.
tessaract Focus more on advising your clients on tax matters = more value for your customers.
tessaract Provides you with the insights to make data-driven decisions.

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Grow your business more cost effectively with’s workflow automation software.

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