All-in-one, no code, cloud-based workflow management system


Unlock more investments

Minimise your administrative and repetitive tasks and reduce your operating costs to reallocate more funds into investments.


Increase your agility

Enable the entire firm to collaborate from one single platform, allowing you to respond promptly to market shifts and client needs.


Smoother audits

Regulators can clearly see stated investment workflows are in order and opportunities for malfeasance have been mitigated.


Improve decision-making

Gain insights to live data and customise reports for better decision-making, wherever you are.

Why Tessaract?

tessaract Easy collaboration and communication with investors and investment companies.
tessaract One central and secure place for all your data and documents.
tessaract Automates your routine work and removes manual data entry.
tessaract Provides you with the insights to make data-driven decisions.

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