All-in-one, no code, cloud-based workflow management system, customisable for your business


Provide the highest assurance

Set up an open line of communication with automated notifications to give customers regular updates on their claims and to help them reach out easily.


Grow customer referrals

Provide your customers with best-in-class customer service and help them get their claims within the shortest time frame.


Process more claim requests

Improve productivity by processing more cases simultaneously, without the need for additional human resources.


Improve your claim accuracy

Leverage on live analytics to better track claims escalation, priority and potential fraud to avoid both overpayments and underpayments.

Why Tessaract?

tessaract Custom-made solution for faster processing, reducing cost and improved fraud detection.
tessaract Digitizes your claims handling process throughout the entire claims lifecycle.
tessaract Specifically built with automation and efficiency in mind.
tessaract Improves the customer experience throughout the entire claims process.

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