Solutions is a cloud native integrated practice, document and financial management solution for professional services firms. Used by professionals in legal, accounting, finance and management consultancy, is designed for absolute efficiency and refined control of tasks and schedules. links seamlessly with your current management tools for hassle-free migration of existing data. The seamless and intuitive design empowers you to keep on top of workflow, scheduling, documents and billing of cases to realise your vision from initial execution to eventual completion.

Client Management

Take client relationships to the next level with our suite of features that lets you communicate with clients with ease while maintaining privacy.

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Integrated Schedules offers intuitive integration with Google Calendar and Outlook, enabling the seamless synchronisation of meetings, deadlines and reminders.

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VoIP Calls’s VoIP technology enables high fidelity calls from your mobile phone to anywhere in the world at local rates, making calls easy, fuss-free, and efficient.

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Multi-platform Compatibility

Connect to clients easily from your mobile or desktop.’s chat platform takes communication to the next level with cross-platform compatibility.

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Expense Tracking increases efficiency and allows you to log expenses and upload receipts quickly to the finance team for review, approval, and reimbursement.

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Billing features a powerful billing system. Prepare invoices and keep track of the status of invoices that have been submitted, paid, or are in arrears.

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Time Tracking

With’s built-in time tracking software, track and label individual tasks such as phone calls, client consultation or document drafting separately.

Case Management is designed for the refined control of tasks and time to maximise efficiency.

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Analytics Dashboard

Supercharge your managerial and day-to-day decision making processes with an overview of business operations and case management on our Dashboard.

Holistic Case and Client View allows you to access all information relevant to your client – cases, expense, documents and more – in one place. Our seamlessly integrated system enables you to have a more detailed understanding of your client’s needs to serve them better.

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Case Template enables you to merge established SOPs and targeted Document Assembly to create case templates tailored for your firm.

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Automatic Task Generation replicates commonly performed tasks for quick and effortless implementation into new cases so you can save time.

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SOP Builder

Link established processes together to create a convenient and efficient workflow for common legal procedures.

Document Management gives you the power to keep track of workflow, scheduling, and billing of cases from initial execution to eventual completion.

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Optical Character Recognition

Be equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) at and save time by harnessing the power of technology to extract and repurpose text.

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Search Document Contents utilizes OCR technology to scan and identify text on all documents uploaded. Find any document in your entire database quickly and painlessly.

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Document Assembly works seamlessly with your pre-existing cloud storage solutions for easy retrieval and management of files.

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Digital Signing

With, you can e-sign auto-generated documents, protecting your data and increasing the security of your business.

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Cloud Drive

Have direct and secure access to a drive on the cloud. allows you to keep all your folders and documents in one place for easy access.

Accounting Module’s Accounting Module enables you to keep track of all your accounting processes. Our intuitive features automate the generation of reports, invoices and various documents.

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Send an invoice directly from your finance system to another, allowing for smoother invoicing and faster payments.

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Complete sync with Case Management enables automatic pulling of all information from the case management module to accounting reports and invoices for a holistic overview of data and efficiency.

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IRAS Tax Compliant

Easily generate Singapore Tax Reports, such as the GST F5 Tax Summary and IAF Audit File, for painless filing processes.

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Approval Footprint

Set up approval workflows in line with your company’s SOP. Generate documents that contain digital footprints of approvers for greater accountability.

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Financial Reports

Manage profit and loss from macro down to team and project level. Generate customisable financial reports with just a few clicks to suit your business needs.

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Transactions Tracking’s intuitive tracking tool enables you to generate accounting reports (e.g. balance sheets) filtered by group for revenue and/or expenses.


Tito Isaac, Managing Partner, Tito Isaac & Co LLP

In today’s world, clients expect almost instant acknowledgement of any message. With seamless implementation onto Tessaract, we now have easy access to our database to take account of everything exchanged between the client and lawyer!

Sam Sim, Co-founder, Senior of Counsel, Taxise Asia LLC

With Tessaract as our Practice Management system, we were able to adjust flexibly to Covid-19 without a secretary or office manager. We could also do time tracking accurately, and the sync to our billing system and copier allowed our Finance team to do billings efficiently.

Tan Hsuan Boon, Partner, Wee Swee Teow LLP

As we constantly adapt to the needs of our clients, Tessaract helps us organise our data in a structured manner. Rather than spending time sorting through information, we can now easily identify what is relevant using keyword searches, supercharging our efficiency. 

Jacqueline Chua, Managing Director of Jacque Law

Upgrading to the cloud with Tessaract has allowed my team the ability to work remotely via the web interface and respond on the go with the mobile app! The software is very intuitive and easy to use. The ability to control access to sensitive cases was a definite plus, as was the excellent customer service and training in system onboarding and usage.

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