All-in-one, no code, cloud-based workflow management system, customisable for your business


Scale your business effectively

Increase the ability to handle growing number of projects in a cost-effective manner. Focus more on billable activities.


Thrive in a knowledge economy

Communicate and collaborate anywhere, anytime with cloud-access to ensure the team works towards a common goal.


Enhance your client's experience

Set up an open line of communication with stakeholders, provide timely progress updates, address questions and feedback promptly.


Focus on what is important

Automate time consuming tasks and processes to provide value-added services and increase billable activities.

Why Tessaract?

tessaract Combines project management with everything else you need to manage your consultancy.
tessaract Increases productivity and allows your consultants to work from anywhere.
tessaract Keeps track of billable activities, invoices and budgets.
tessaract Measures progress versus key metrics and analyzes your data in real-time.

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Grow your business more cost effectively with’s workflow automation software.

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