All-in-one, no code, cloud-based workflow management system, customisable for your business


Improve your profitability

Reduce huge amount of operating costs resulting from time-consuming administrative tasks and large office spaces for physical document storage.


Grow loyalty and referrals

Provide best-in-class client services effortlessly through the automated client engagement module for transparent communication with clients throughout each case.


Increase billable hours

Reduce time spent on manual processes through the powerful and efficient case and document management modules to focus more on billable activities.


Take control of your business

Have a 360° view of your business through an all-in-one platform with integrated billing, accounting, data and reporting modules.

Why Tessaract?

tessaract Proven software, used by many legal firms, small and large.
tessaract Keep track of workflow, scheduling, and billing of cases from initial execution to eventual completion.
tessaract Save time and eliminate the need for repetitive, time-wasting tasks.
tessaract Connects with legal databases and allows you to capture all your data in a shared cloud storage.
tessaract Efficient migration of data from legacy database.

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